How to start a Home Embroidery Business — The Best Approach

Josh Nixon

Thinking on how to start a home embroidery business but don’t know how? Then stop worrying because I am here to guide you.

Home Embroidery Business

Don’t just think start the business because textile industry and clothing are far most growing businesses in the world. You see a new fashion is introducing every day in this world.

A lot of people are starting embroidery business from home with just purchasing a suitable embroidery machine for homes. Later some are practicing with an overall best Custom machine. if not just go with a beginner-friendly embroidery and sewing machine. And if you are brand conscious then simply go for a branded machine.

home embroidery business

The thing I want to tell you is that this is the modern era and the need of new clothes and fashion is never goanna end. Even big companies like brands are paying small business designers to make designs for them and later they make their own tag on it or monograming it. Later selling under their own names.

This business is no doubt profitable but you need to consider the following steps that I’m going to explain to you my friend.

Road Map for Home Embroidery Business

This road map is designed under experiments and results.

  • Learn Embroidery Making Skills
  • Invest in an efficient and use-friendly Machine
  • Do Easy Marketing
  • Brand Awareness
  • Target the Big Fish
  • Team Building
  • Conclusion

Learn Embroidery Making Skills

First of all, you need to learn about making some decent embroidery designs then after you have some skills then people will admire you.

learn some embroidery skills

Learning a skill is the first and the crucial step of starting a business. That’s why some people get into jobs at first before starting a business so that they know each and everything about the business they are going to start in future.

Invest in an efficient and use-friendly Machine

You need to invest in a budget and User-friendly custom designing machine that is reasonable in price and fulfil your needs. Pick the machine that has low electricity consumption and low maintenance cost.

Here are some my recommendations you should check because my list contains all sorts of products according to different requirements:

How to start a home embroidery business infographics

Also, pick the machine that can easily fit into your apartment or room where you want to store it and can easily fill-up within the space you have. You need a waste bucket with you as well to put the wasted threads. Maintaining a business with cleanliness.

Video Credit goes to Lorrie Nunemaker

Do Easy Marketing

Start doing relaxed marketing and let me tell you the trick behind it.

First, start by doing some free work. I know it sounds a bit weird for you and you probably be thinking like why should u do it for free.

Let me explain you why? Because in the e beginning, you would spend a lot of money advertising and your budget will be disturbed but the efficient way is making some designs for kids or some folks free and their friends and family start noticing your designs? In addition, they will be like wow where did you get that.

In this way, he or she will tell as I got this from that person for free. You will get reviews and awareness free instead of spending a lot of money on paid ads and marketing.

Brand Awareness

Once some starts to kick in you can designs your own logo your designing brand and start branding it on different social sites like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

These platforms have a lot of buyers because the world is not digitalized and people are doing more business online. They are looking for business opportunities not only buyers but also sellers as well.

It is not difficult for you to make your social accounts under your brand name and start promoting your designs online.

Target the Big Fish

Now you are famous in your neighborhood or in your city but never stop the urge within you. Don’t stop always go for the big fish and progress every day.

Here is a golden and my personal trick that I’m going to share with you that nobody else is going to. Other people will say like do google ads and do YouTube promotions or pay influencers to do your promotion.

But, I will tell you a simply way.

  • All you need to do is find some companies that are in their developing or growing stages.
  • You can easily find them on google maps or simply on google.
  • Find their emails on from their websites.
  • Email them ask them to check your designs
  • In the beginning, give them a free design and you have skills so there is no way they won’t like it.
  • They will like your work and start business with you along with paying you handsome commission from the project.

Team Building

Now, you are a successful embroidery making business owner. Start gathering a skillful team and if they are not skillful then teach them the skills.

Train them, support them and they will move mountains for you.


Always be consistent and never forget to give it your best because empires are not build in days it requires time and effort.

Everybody sees your success when you are famous but nobody sees the hardships and struggle behind your successful face.


What is the effective way to start the embroidery home business?

This road map is designed under experiments and results.
• Learn Embroidery Making Skills
• Invest in an efficient and use-friendly Machine
• Do Easy Marketing
• Brand Awareness
• Target the Big Fish
• Team Building
• Conclusion

That’s all for today folks and hope you guys like the plan on How to start a home embroidery business, and this plan is completely tested by our team.

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