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Best Embroidery Machine for Custom Designs —2023 Top Choices


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Best Embroidery Machine for Custom Designs

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An awesome embroidery designer should have an awesome machinery so that he won’t get tired of the same old designs available within the machine? That’s why I suggest you to take a ... Read more

An awesome embroidery designer should have an awesome machinery so that he won’t get tired of the same old designs available within the machine? That’s why I suggest you to take a look at these best embroidery machine for custom designs.

You need a machine that allows you to place your creativity on the fabric with ease. Then congratulations my friend, you are going to get it. First checkout our Top Pick:

Custom Designing
Brother PE800

  • Beginners Level
  • PE770 Upgraded
  • Monogram & Quilt

Why Brother PE800 is our top pick for custom designing?

No doubt PE550d has more Disney character built-in designs but what’s the benefit of it? Because Brother Pe800 is a complete computerized machine that allows you to download that same designs form the internet and place it in your PE800. I hope you agree with me because I personally use PE800 and my friend has PE550d.

Why Brother PE800 is best for custom designing

I have experienced that pe800 is improved and more efficient model as you can see in the image it’s computerized features gives you more freedom of placing, rotating, shifting, curving and a lot of stuff in different size ranges. You can be even more creative with this bad baby.

And I don’t know about you guys but my creativity level has increased and a lot of small patterns are placed without wasting any time and effort. A complete review is given below.

Note: Use a stabilizer for precautionary measures and at the beginning if you are new to digital embroidery machines, then take a pen and a notepad to start placing some numbers on it. This will improve your skills.

2023 Best Embroidery Machine for Custom Designs

The best embroidery machine for custom designs is the best choice you have made if you are a person with a creative mind and abilities. There are a lot of machines available in the market with an incredible piece of designs that are available for free and those kinds of machines are powerful as well.

But, these types of machines are useless for people with ambitious and creative minds. And you are one of them that is why you are here with us. You don’t need to worry a bit because I have come up with top-notch machines that will simply turn your imagination into reality and place it on the fabric that you desire.

Before selecting the right machine I want you to know that brother and Janome are the top embroidery machine brands and the next thing you need to consider are:

  • Embroidery designs
  • Stitches
  • Frames
  • Fonts

Comparison Table

ImageProductDetails  Price
backpacBrother PE800 Embroidery MachineColor: White
Item Dimensions LxWxH
21.75 x 19.02 x 19.09 inches
Check Price on Amazon
backpacBrother PE550D Embroidery MachineColor: White
Item Dimensions LxWxH
16.5 x 7.8 x 12 inches
Check Price on Amazon
cordlessblowerBrother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery MachineColor: White
Item Dimensions LxWxH
21.18 x 15.51 x 16.54 inches
Check Price on Amazon

Top 3 Machines to add Custom Designs | Reviews + Buyers Guide by Experts

Before starting, I want you to know that most of the machines have common features but for a custom designing machine, features are slightly changed as I mentioned above. So, let’s start with honest reviews.

No.1. Brother Pe800 Embroidery Machine (for Larger Custom Designs)


What We Like

  • A large hoop of 5×7 to make large custom designs
  • Has more than enough stock designs
  • 130 embroidery, 11 lettering fonts are available for free
  • This bad baby can do quilting, embroidery, and monogramming as well
  • Has so many automated features like dog feed, auto needle threader, and an embroidery foot
  • A 3.2 LCD to edit your custom designs and so much more
  • Beginners can also play with it
  • Compatible with a USB drive
  • An improved model of PE770

What We Don’t Like

  • It’s an embroidery machine only

First of all, this model contains a 3.2 inches LCD screen for your designing needs. All you need to do is place your design into the machine and then start editing it with the help of its editing features. This model allows you to do different sorts of editing like rotating the design, aligning multiple designs, sorting them, mirroring, and also placing more than one design on the same fabric.

You may be wondering, is it ok for a beginner to use these features? Then yes, beginners and advanced level designers can take benefit from this entry-level product.

This model of brother embroidery machine comes with a large hoop of 5 x 7. The pe800 is an improved and advanced model of pe770. As a result, more user-friendly and with an amazing heavy-duty hoop. The larger hoop will come more in-handy while working on larger custom designs.

Not just that, it also comes with some automated features that will enhance the efficiency of your work like: First of all, an auto needle threader that immediately threads the needle itself so you don’t have to. An amazing feature is the dog feed and when the dog feed is removed you can use this machine to do quilting as well.

Another beneficial feature for your custom designs is that this embroidery machine is equipped with an advanced sense that commands the machine to stop when the design of one color is complete. This feature helps a lot because in other machines a custom design might get ruined.

Let’s talk about the built-in designs this machine offers. This model gives you the luxury of more than 130 embroidery designs that include different patterns, scroll works, quilting designs, and flower patterns. The thing I like most is the fonts. Pe800 has a total of 11 font styles that are available for free and 7 of them are in the English language and other 3 are Japanese and 1 is a stylish cycling sort of font.

This model is USB friendly as well. If you want to transfer your custom designs to your pe800 then simply just plug in a USB or SD card and copy them with the help of an LCD screen. This feature comes in handy when you make your own design on PC and simply just want to place that design on the fabric.

Our Opinion

The only thing this machine can’t do is sewing. But, expect that this machine is capable of doing quilting, monogramming, and embroidery. If you are tired of using the stock designs available for free and want to try something new and creative.

Then, I recommend you to try this machine as my experience and you will love it.

No.2.Brother Pe550D Embroidery Machine (Disney Special)


What We Like

  • The Disney theme makes this machine more attractive and the Disney designs are free but in other models, you have to purchase them
  • Has a standard hoop of 4×4 and is good for making medium to small range designs
  • Comes with so many free accessories
  • An auto needle threader to save your time
  • Can be Operated by a beginner
  • USB port to support .pes files
  • Has its own internal storage
  • 3.2 LCD with advanced editing features
  • Has a grid to make your custom designing more efficient

What We Don’t Like

  • This machine is heavy in weight

The brother pe550d has an amazing Disney theme overview. By looking at it you can say that this machine is for animation creators and Disney lovers. This machine comes with so many free Disney character designs and elements that are available for free. You can be creative along with getting a Disney touch with this machine.

This model does not come with simple stock designs that are available in every machine rather this machine comes with special Disney characters like mickey mouse, miney, goofy, daffy, Donald duck, trees, skies, flowers, and so much more.

The number of embroidery designs is 125 but more than 40 are cartoon character designs. Also, 6 kinds of lettering font styles are available that are easily editable by you. You can rotate, change curvature, align or sort them as you desire.

This pack comes with free accessories that you can utilize to do designing more efficiently

  • 3 pre wounded bobbins are available that you can wound according to your needs
  • An embroidery foot that makes your job easier and effective
  • 3 needle set
  • A machine cover and cleaning brush so that this baby stays clean
  • A free pair of scissors
  • 4 spool caps nad 1 spool net
  • 2 screwdrivers to fix tight up after cleaning

Don’t forget the auto needle threader that allows you to save your precious time and improves your work quality as well.

Pe550d has a 3.2 LCD screen for editing purposes and has some funny-looking cartoons on it as well. This LCD allows you to do advanced editing stuff like re-align, changing positions, rotating the design, increase/decrease space between designs, placing more than one design at a time, and also its grid system help a lot when you are working with your own custom designs.

You can see preview your design on the screen before it is placed on the fabric and the grid efficiently helps you to place the design more accurately. The brother pe550d has its own storage to store your custom designs and you can import them using its USB port that allows you to save files in a .pes format.

Our Opinion

This machine is heavy to carry from place to place that’s why they are giving a free bag to carry it. In my opinion, if you are a Disney lover and want an effective piece of equipment that just not performs well but is also good for custom designing. Then this machine will not be best rather it will be a great choice, my friend.

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No.3. brother Se600 (Computerized) Embroidery Machine

brother se600 sewing and embroidery machine

What We Like

  • Can do both embroidery and sewing in one machine
  • Budget-friendly
  • Full computerized machine
  • Has a hoop of 4×4
  • Has advanced editing features
  • Has its own storage
  • You can easily do editing stuff with the help of a touch LCD smart screen
  • Auto needle threader
  • Compatible with USB
  • Has a free accessories pack

What We Don’t Like

  • Cannot make quality monograms

The brother Se600 is a complete computerized embroidery and sewing machine consisting of a hoop of 4×4. This machine is the upgraded version of brother se4oo with improved editing features. Machine-like this does not come at such price so you can say it is a budget-friendly machine as well along with offering 25 years of warranty from the brother company.

You can do advanced editing stuff on this machine like drag and drop design with the help of a touch LCD screen or change the length, type, width of the stitches.

  • You can preview before placing the design on the fabric
  • Change or align the designs
  • Change the direction of designs or mirror it
  • You can move the design left, right, up, or down
  • You can simply do all this stuff by touching the screen

This model has an arm that is used to adjust the speed of your stiches per minute. You can vary the speed from 710 and less. This feature is quite beneficial for you while working on custom designs. This model supports a USB drive as well and has its own storage. You can simply transfer the files from the USB into its own storage and can use your custom designs later whenever you want to.

Brother se600 has 80 embroidery designs available for free and more than 100 stitching designs. These designs include waves, trees, shapes, cartoons, skies and so much more.

The automated features in this machine are: First of  all, the auto needle threader saves a lot of your precious time by setting up the bobbin for you A jam-resistant feature that comes in handy with the drop bobbin feature. A lever is also attached that commands the needle threader to place the bobbin into the needle without you need to worry about it all.

A bright alumni light is also installed to aluminate your workspace while working on some dark shade fabrics that include maroon or black color.

Our Opinion

Yes, this machine can make monograms but if you compare it with the monogramming of brother pe800 then you might see the difference. But, if monogramming is not your first priority then this machine will not be a bad choice for you according to my experience.

Video credit goes to Brother Sews USA


How to create embroidery designs for embroidery machine?

The method is quite easy all you have to do is:
• First, image a design in your brain
• Then place that design on a paper
• Start making that design on your digital software
• Select the size you want to create the design/pattern
• Then select the stitching type
• Select a direction in which you want to make the design
• Set up the embroidery design colors
• Then transfer that file to your digital embroidery machine
• And congratulations now you can print it on the fabric

How to program embroidery machine?

The easy way is to:
• First, think of a design
• Then place that design on a piece of paper
• Start making that design on your digital app/software
• Select a size you want to create the design
• Then select the stitching type/pattern
• Select a direction in which you want to make the design
• Set up the embroidery design colors that you want to make
• Then transfer that file to your digital embroidery machine
• And congratulations now you can print it on the fabric

I know you like custom design making embroidery machine but you will embroidery machine for your home.

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Josh's career encompasses working with top fashion houses and promoting sustainable garment production. His authoritative and best-selling books provide invaluable insights into the craft of sewing and the mechanics of sewing machines.

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