How to take off Embroidery? From clothing with easy ways


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How to take off Embroidery

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How to take off embroidery? It’s a quite delicate matter. Embroidery is one of the great ways to add style and details to garments. Some people are passionate about embroidery and never ... Read more

How to take off embroidery? It’s a quite delicate matter. Embroidery is one of the great ways to add style and details to garments. Some people are passionate about embroidery and never want to remove the embroidery from their clothes to advertise some brands etc.

However, sometimes the embroidery feels irritating to the person, especially when it is at the wrong place or if you do not want to advertise the brand you are wearing anymore. So, it is necessary to remove the embroidery from clothes.

Methods to take off Embroidery

The process can be done to remove unwanted logos, remove the symbols that are too big for a shirt, trousers, a cap, etc., or get rid of a logo whose color does not seems right. Removing hand embroidery is not difficult and can be done without damaging the fabric of clothes, but removing thick machine embroidery is not a cup of tea for everyone.

Methods to take off Embroidery

It can damage the item but can be fixed with a patch. Sometimes the embroidery can be removed by stitching over the embroidery and giving it a new design.

Tools needed to Remove Embroidery

Using a proper way to remove embroidery can prevent damage to the clothes. All we need is a couple of valuable tools that are appropriate for the item and easy to use. Devices can be used according to the method you will adopt for removal. Following are some items that can be used to remove embroidery from clothes:

  • Seam ripper:  This is the first and foremost tool in the process because it is convenient and safe to use. A seam ripper will enable you to remove the stitches neatly, quickly, and precisely without much effort and side effects.
  • Tweezers: tweezers are made from two thin pieces of metal connected at the end and are pretty handy in removing embroidery. These are used to grab the tiny threads you are withdrawing from your clothes.
  • Magnifying glass: Removing the embroidery stitches is a very laborious and challenging task for the eyes and can worsen your eyesight daily. A magnifying glass can easily remove tiny threads from the clothes.
  • Lint brush: it is a handle with an adhesive paper at the end, and it is used to remove the threads and small pieces from the area to make it clean.
  • Razor: Embroidery removal with a razor is simple, quick, and easy to perform. 

Removing Hand Embroidery

First, to remove hand embroidery, flip the shirt inside out and gently slide your seam ripper under the threads. Move the ripper to break the lines with its blade. Use a magnifying glass to see the tiny threads, and then use a lint brush to clean the area.

Removing the Machine Embroidery

Removing machine embroidery is a bit more complicated as the process can leave unpleasant marks on the clothing since the embroidery is too thick and elaborate. To remove it correctly:

  1. Flip the shirt inside and find a white bobbin smaller than the stitches.
  2. Use the seam ripper and move it in the forward motion slowly.
  3. Pull the embroidery strings with tweezers. 

Avoid using excessive force to avoid damaging the fabric of clothing.

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Removing the embroidery with an Embroidery Eraser

The embroidery eraser looks like a pair of trimmers, and this product is not recommended for hand embroidery. The first step is to turn the garment over because the embroidery is thinner in the back, and turning them inside out will make it easier to cut the embroidery. Place the eraser across the edge of the embroidery and move it forward and make sure that the blades are digging deep into the threads. Then slowly push the eraser forward.

Lift the eraser and then move it towards the next segment. After erasing, please proceed to the front of the garment, lift the stitches, and pluck all the threads out. If needed, repeat the procedure. After that, use the lint brush to remove the dust and pieces of lines from the fabric.

Removing the embroidery with a Seam Ripper

The process is basically the exact turn of the garment inside out. After that, cut the stitches inside out using the seam ripper by sliding the seam ripper inside the stitches, lifting them, and cutting them with the blade of the seam ripper.

Pull the stitches from the front of the garment and repeat the process until all the embroidery is removed from the fabric without damaging its structure.  

Removing embroidery with a razor

Another easy way to remove machine embroidery is by using a razor. Run the razor on the opposite side of the embroidery several times. This process will damage the stitches; you can easily remove them from the front side.

Removing embroidery from polyester

Removing embroidery from polyester always leaves the marks, so the process of removing the embroidery from polyester is a difficult task.

How do we prevent embroidery mistakes?

To prevent embroidery mistakes following precautions must be taken:

  • Proper machine monitoring is necessary to avoid errors and easy operation of the process.
  • Correct practice must avoid damaging the clothes while removing the embroidery.
  • Do not apply much pressure on the clothes.
  • Do not rush in the procedure.


Embroidery is used to provide an excellent design to the garments and can give an eye-catching look. However, if, in any case, you want to remove embroidery from your garments, you will need to follow these simple steps as mentioned above.

Removing embroidery is not easy but can be done quickly by choosing suitable instruments and procedures. Care must be taken to avoid damaging the clothes permanently, so do not rush and apply too much pressure on the clothes.

The only way to prevent damage to the clothes is by sticking to the proper protocol and choosing the appropriate instrument; otherwise, the damage will be permanent and costly since it can ruin your garments.


This process leaves a hole in the shirt; to find out the damage done by this process, the only way is to cut the embroidery threads of the monogram. Remove the embroidery threads and press the area with iron to see the appearance of a hole or damage. In most cases, the piece has already been damaged, so it is not worth the risk.

Removing embroidery from leather can permanently damage leather. Mostly the embroidery is done using patches on leather; thus, embroidery can only be removed from leather by removing patches from leather.

Removing embroidery can sometimes be costly to permanently damage your garment, for example, shirts, trousers or caps, etc. Stalling the stitches forcefully can create a hole in the fabric and is difficult to repair.

Removing embroidery is not a difficult task. However, practical skills are required to carry out this process correctly to avoid damaging the clothes from which the embroidery is removed. So, using proper technique and proper instrument, you can quickly and safely remove embroidery.

Embroidery backing must be removed to provide a pleasant experience for the wearer. The support can be removed by cutting it with scissors and leaving 1/8 to ¼ of an inch edge

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